Toning Beds & Toning Tables

Experience the many benefits of a Tone at Home® toning bed or table.

Slender You® Tone at Home®

The Tone at Home® is a salon-quality toning bed, which supports your weight while offering a full-body toning in your own home.

The Tone at Home® toning bed has a variety of positions, including exercises for your legs, hips, back, tummy, arms and more.

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Slender You® Tonette®

The Tonette® toning table/bed provides a low-impact workout to strengthen muscles
and increase flexibility. It is the smallest and newest of the Slender You® toning beds fleet.

The Tonette® toning table is compact enough to fit in a closet or the corner of your
room. It provides exercises for the back, legs, buttocks, thighs and more.

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