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Experience a Tone at Home® Slender You® Salon in the privacy of your own home.

Tone at Home

Tone at Home® Toning Beds

Hate going to the gym? Tone at Home® fitness equipment can give you the figure you want in just minutes a day. As seen in Women’s Health & Fitness, Tone at Home® exercise machines are easy and effective for toning exercises, rehabilitation exercises or arthritis exercises. You will see the benefits of a stronger, more energetic you.



Tonette® Toning Tables

In addition to our toning beds, our Tonette® toning table has a variety of positions for exercises for your legs, hips, back, tummy, arms and more. Our Tonette® provides a low-impact workout to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. It is the smallest and newest of the Tone at Home® women’s fitness and exercise equipment fleet.


Toning at home with our salon-quality womens fitness equipment will tone and strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility and endurance. Our low-impact toning machines help power you through a series of movements and benefits that can help to reduce the risk of injury to your ankles, knees and hips.

Experience the benefits and feel the unique motion of our toning tables as they work with you to power you through your exercise routine. Order your Tone at Home® or Tonette® exercixe equipment and get more energy. Order Now or Contact Us.